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Concealed Carry opinions wanted

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Default Concealed Carry opinions wanted

I currently carry a Glock 26 or Glock 17 (both are 9mm) depending on what I'm wearing. I've seen the XDs and am considering trading one of my glocks for an XD. The question is which model? Caliber? I could stay 9mm or go 45 (the reason I'm saying 9mm or 45 is that I have a 1911 so 45 would be common to what I have).

I'm not opposed to other calibers. Just wanting user input to share their experiences.
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Welcome to the XD Forum Jermo !!

My opinion, given the caliber well as reason (CC)

would be the XDs...


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My EDC has been a XD40 SC for the past few years and it has been flawless with 6K plus rounds thru it. Would I buy a XDS, yes, in a heartbeat.
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Probably not what you would want to hear on a XD Forum but my EDC is the S&W M&P Shield 40 Caliber using a PJ Holster. Love this gun although the XDs would be interesting to take a look at since it's similar in dimensional size. I'd like to get an XDs but an M&P Pro 9 is on my short list.


XDm 45

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My EDC is a Ruger LC9, so my opinion is shoot what you feel comfortable shooting. Accuracy makes up for caliber any day of the week..

My XD40sc comes along for the ride some days as well, but for every day, I can't get past the smallness and negligible weight of the LC9
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I will give ten votes for the XD-S!! Get one you will not be disappointed...
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Looking at the XDS, it sure is pretty and, like they say, the bigger the caliber the more knock down power you have, but - I still like my plain old XD9 with two spare magazines (49 rounds for the bad guys).
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I carried a G-17 for years and replaced it with an XDSC40 as my EDC.
It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.I do like the XDM3.8 also, it is almost the same size and the added firepower is nice.The XD-S just doesn't fit my hand as well as the XD or the XDM, but it is even lighter and thinner which is a plus for CC.
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I agree with what has been said already about carry what you feel comfortable with. Make sure its reliable with the type of ammo you are going to use. I always carried a snub 38 or 44 special when off duty because of weight and they are easy to hide. A friend of mine was off duty eating at a waffle house with his wife and they had some issues with a group of teens. Well long story short, words were exchanged and my friend and his wife walked out to their car. Well the group followed and a gun was displayed. My friend opened fire striking the armed offender in the arm. Well that 38 special did not make the guy twitch. My friend fired all five (5) shots with only one that connected with the arm. So there he was with an empty gun with the offender with a hicap 9mm. The offender continued to fire while buddy dove for cover with his wife. Long story short... he was shot in the stomach and she was shot in the foot. Everyone lived and have no disabilities thank god.... now thugs got away but that's not the point here. The point is I thought about what happened to him and his wife and having a five shot ain't going to cut it. I now carry a xd9 full size with hornady critical DUTY ammo and two extra mags. I carry it consealed with shorts and a button down shirt in the summer no problem in a outside the waist band holster with a FBI cant of 15 degrees. You just need to dress around the weapon and you can make it work. Buy a good leather holster because they hug your body and a HIGH quality belt. The belt is the key to keep the weapon tight on your body. As far as glock vs XD they are both great. I'm issued a glock for duty. I personally don't like the trigger. So I carry a xd9 off duty. Wife has a xd9 subcompact. Now 45 vs. 9mm OMG let the popcorn cooking start.... I like more ammo (see above) vs. Big bullet. Just pick a duty type hollow point that cycles your gun 100 percent no matter what. If the 45 won't cycle hollows well carry ball... I hope this helps...

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Originally Posted by yogiboobooranger View Post
I will give ten votes for the XD-S!! Get one you will not be disappointed...
Vote early, vote often!

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