4-inch XDS .45ACP now shipping

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    Springfield Armory is working hard to expand its XD collection of combat handguns and really trying to have something on the shelf for everyone. When the XD(S) came out with its 3.3.-inch barrel, it was soon followed by the 4-inch version this January, which debuted at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. However, at the time, it was just offered in 9mm. Well, SA's Croatian Willy Wonka factory listened to the cries of .45ACP hardballers and delivered.


    That's right, a 4-inch XD(S) in .45ACP, the people's choice since 1911, is now shipping.


    Rob Latham from Team Springfield Armory giving the quick low-down on the new 4-inch XD(S) series

    These guns offer a lot of options for users, giving them a nice, compact handgun (at just 7-inches long overall-- that's just a half inch longer than James Bond's Walther PPK), but still has a more than adequate 4-inch hammer-forged steel barrel to allow the user to get their ballistics' worth of velocity out of the .45ACP round. The extra half inch also gives a longer sight radius, which translates into more holes in the X-ring, especially at distance.

    (Note the X-Tension mag)

    Another cool aspect of these guns is the X-Tension magazine, which adds an extra inch on the bottom of the mag well (so you can get all of those fingers around the grip now--, which is a nice treat if you have catcher's mitts like I do). This mag, which ships along with the flush-fit 5-rounder, also adds two rounds of extra capacity the gun. Therefore, you have the option of moving from the compact six shot to a slightly larger eight shot-- while using the same holster.

    (Also shipping in natty two-tone models)

    In addition, you can always just stick that extra mag in your pocket for a rainy day.


    • Caliber .45ACP
    • Recoil System Dual Spring with Full Length Guide rod
    • Trigger 5.5 - 7.7 lbs.
    • Sights Fiber Optic Front & Dovetail Rear (Steel)
    • Weight (with Empty Magazine) 23.5 ozs. / 24.5 ozs. With X-Tension
    • Height 4.4" / 5.4" With X-Tension
    • Slide Forged Steel, Melonite Finish
    • Barrel 4.0" Steel, Melonite, Hammer Forged
    • Length 7"
    • Grip Width .9"
    • Frame Black Polymer
    • Magazines 1 - 5 Round, Flush Fitting Stainless Steel / 1 - 7 Round, With Mag X-Tension
    - See more at SA's website.

    These guns are out there right now and the prices, from what we can tell from checking a few stocking vendors, run about $550-ish, which is a good price point to compete with the Glock G30 which is the dimensional dead-ringer for the new XD(S) 4-inch .45.

    Nevertheless, the Glock does not have the two different mags, fiber optic front sight, rear grip safety, etc. etc.

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