New Springfield Mod 2 XD's Debuting

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    Calling the updated design a "refinement of a classic, a distillation of greatness," Springfield is now advertising their Mod.2 XD series pistols which offers a number of improvements. It's a modification of the XD(S) 3-inch subcompact in both 9mm and .40S&W-- but has just a ton of small upgrades to it.


    New features

    These guns will be loaded with a host of innovative features that have long been absent from other Croatian polymers. These include a new fiber-optic front sight post (standard) and a snag-free rear sight to help improve accuracy and fast target acquisition. The slide itself will have what Springfield is billing as "Posi-wedge" recessed rear serrations to improve tactile purchase on the slide when racking and chambering. Speaking of slide it's less blocky with a slight taper to the top of it sight picture, giving it an overall slimmer profile.
    Ryan Gresham running the Mod 2 side by side with the XD(S)

    Moving into the lower frame, the beavertail rear has been exaggerated to provide a better and more ergonomic grip that is billed as helping to lower felt recoil transferred into the hand. Much as the Glock Gen 1-2-3-4 pistols slimmed their frame with contouring and gentle cutouts, the new Mod 2 Springer. This lends to a more natural grip.


    Which brings us to what the company is calling the 'Grip Zone.' This zone is actually three different areas including front and rear texturing and a centerline smooth panel splitting the two.

    Note- While we like the concept of the increased texture on the GZ, we do hope that production versions drop the actual wording across the grip as being kind of cartoony.

    The guns will be offered in four variants with both bitone stainless or melonite slide guns in either 9mm or .40S&W.


    Let's run those specs:

    Caliber 9mm or .40 S&W
    Barrel 3-inch hammer forged
    Length 6.25 inches
    Width 1.19 at the slide drop
    Height 4.75 inches
    Height 5.25 with extended mag
    Weight 26ozempty
    Capacity 13+1, 16+1 (9mm) or 9+1, 12+1 (.40)
    MSRP $565 (black) $599 (Bitone)

    Note the difference in dimensions between the standard 9-13 round flush fit mags and the extended mags that add an extra 3 rounds of either.

    With the XD(S) already winning the hearts and minds of the public, we are super excited about this Mod 2 design.

    But how does it shoot? Again, Ryan Gresham doing some point shooting.

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