Springfield Armory XD Mod 2 sub-compact now available in .45ACP

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    Promised a couple months ago, Springer has made good by coming up with possibly their best .45 XD compact handgun in the past 15 years when they introduced the Mod 2 in that caliber this week at the annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas.


    Other XD .45 compacts

    The Mod 2 is not the first in the line but, when compared to the others, it could very well be the best. Going back through the lineup of guns that are still in production, SA runs the classic XD 4-inch Compact. When you say 'compact' here, we mean that its shorter when compared to the other guns of its series, and is still 7.3-inches long and some 30-ounces in weight. On the bright side it is a double stack 14-shot firearm when using the Xtension mag.

    Then comes the XD (M) 3.8 which trims a half inch of overall length and two ounces in weight while keeping the same capacity and adding better ergonomics. Finally, there is the XD-S 3.3 which is much slimmer (at the cost of cutting down the magazine to a 6-pack), a half inch shorter that the 3.8 and tipping the scales at a trim 22-ounces. Now, the Mod 2 goes one better than all of these.

    This is the company's first subcompact .45.

    The new MOD2 XD .45

    This sub-compact is not simply a redesigned XD-S but is a completely new gun. Like the rest of the new M2 guns, they have a host of features to include fiber optic sights, low profile extended rear sights, a slimmer slide for better concealability, 'posi-wedge' slide serrations, and a slim-contoured frame with advanced gripping surfaces. It comes in both stainless and blued finishes.


    Best of all is the size/capacity bargain made that gives you a 6.5-inch long gun with a 1+9 flush fit or 13+1 Xtension mag that comes in at just 27-ounces. Sure its beefier than the 3.3 at a 1/10th of an inch wider, but its a double stack that can hold twice as many rounds so what did you really expect?

    Springfield Armory pro staffer and pistol champion Rob Leatham put some rapid-fire rounds downrange with the new Springfield XD Mod.2 in .45 ACP during Media Day at the range at SHOT Show 2015. (Via NRA)

    James from the Firearm Blog sitting down with Mr. Leatham at SHOT for another look at the gun.

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