XD doubles down on quiet time: Brings out 2 models with factory-threaded barrels

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    The good folks in Genesco, Illinois must have finally realized that there are nearly 600,000 legal suppressors out there-- a figure that is growing by the minute-- and have debuted both a 9mm and .45ACP XD (M) model with factory threaded barrels.

    Why bother?

    Although suppressors (commonly but incorrectly termed silencers) are highly regulated (you have to file a Form 4 with the ATF and pay a $200 tax per can), they are not illegal to own under federal law. Further, in now 40 states, (Minnesota just approved civilian ownership of compliant mufflers), there are no state laws against them either. However, no matter how groovy your suppressor is and how much you are in compliance with federal and state law, unless your shiny new can will attach to your pistol.

    Most suppressor bodies screw on to the end of a muzzle. The thing is, you have to have a threaded barrel that extends past the slide of your semi-automatic pistol to screw the muffler on to.

    Moreover, Springfield has heard the cries of the masses yearning for a more courteous range experience.

    New models

    Ok, so they aren't doing a cannon ball into the middle of the pool of threaded barrel models possible, but SA did this week bring out two versions of the XD (M) 4.5-inch full size pistol with factory TBs.

    They consist of an all-black .45ACP model


    ...And a Flat Dark Earth framed 9mm Luger version


    The neato- thing about both is that they have extended-length 5.28" steel Melonite, hammer-forged barrels with .578" x 28 threads (.5" x 28 on the 9mm version) complete with removable thread protectors that keep them safe when a brake, cleaning trap or suppressor is not fitted.

    Further, and wait for it, they also come with extended height, steel 3-dot front and rear sights made specifically so they clear the top of the can, a problem that is the often overlooked rue of most suppressor users that they don't take into account until their first shots.

    (Image by Guns America)

    Caliber 9mm, .45ACP
    Recoil System One Piece Full Length Guide Rod
    Sights Dovetail Front and Rear (Steel) 3 - Dot ; Suppressor Height
    Weight (with Empty Magazine) 29 ozs. 31 oozes on .45ACP variant
    Height 6"
    Slide Forged Steel, Melonite Finish
    Barrel 5.28" Steel, Melonite, Hammer Forged, Threaded .5" x 28, (578" x 28 threads on .45ACP)
    Length 8.25"-8.40"
    Grip Width 1.18"-1.26"
    Frame Flat Dark Earth Polymer on 9mm, Black Polymer on .45ACP
    Magazines 3 - 19 Round Stainless Steel on 9mm, 3 - 13 Round Stainless Steel on .45ACP
    *MSRP: $699 in 9mm, $729 for .45ACP

    (As observed by Max Slowik note those are retail prices, and odds are that wholesalers will drive prices down a good bit lower, essentially making these just a token fee over the cost of standard XD(M) 4.5s, which translates into getting a free threaded barrel and suppressor sights...just saying)

    How do they shoot?

    Tom Hale over at GunsAmerica got his hands on these beauties and has a very extensive review up over there on them. Not trying for spoilers here, but Tom says that shooting the factory-threaded barreled .45 (which as a subsonic round is ideal for the task) through a SilencerCo Osprey as being audibly something, "kinda like when you hit a big sofa cushion with a 9-iron."

    You gotta love Tom.

    Aftermarket options

    Since until this week, Springfield did not make their guns suppressor-ready from the factory, this means a huge batch of aftermarket threaded-barrels have hit the market for these popular guns. Until Springer gets on the ball and starts offering their own drop in stand-alone barrels (can you hear us in the back Genesco?), those with a legacy gun already have to make due with aftermarket.

    Threaded barrels are not entirely new to the world of XD's. XD Forum sponsor Pistol Gear makes threaded aftermarket barrels in 9mm, 40S&W and 45ACP for a number of regular XD and XD(M) models for under $200.

    EFK produces their excellent Fire Dragon series barrels for around $230 that are all 416 stainless and come in the option of either 9/16x24RH, 1/2X28RH, or 13.5x1mmLH (which is hard to find). For an extra $50 they will apply a black coat to these otherwise very bright barrels.

    Then of course there is Storm Lake who offer for about the same prices as EFK their match grade steel barrels hardened to 40-42 HRC in a variety of threaded flavors to include .578x28.

    Bar-sto, long a king in aftermarket precision and match/target barrels, likewise sells a number of threaded options for the XD and, being that they are the king, they run a bit over $300 a pop, but hey, you have to pay to play.

    In the end, if you are into a little quieter experience, suppressing your XD is definitely on the table. Especially if you are looking to get a new ride, direct from the factory.

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