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    I just bought a new XDS. When doing drills and familiarizing myself with my new weapon I found that the magazine release was very stiff to the point where I could not depress it with my firing hand only. This was the case with a loaded and unloaded magazine. Is this normal for a new XDS? NOTE: I...
  2. XD Forum
    I did some research and last week on impulse I bought an XDs 4.0. I paid about $30.00 more for it than I probably should have. I registered it for Springfield's Gear giveaway and took it to the range Sunday. Any hint of buyer's remorse vanished completely. I looked at S&W M&P Shield 9mm and the...
  3. XD Forum
    I have not sent my XDs (.45) back to SA for the recall yet (not discussing why). The pistol is 15 months old and has had over 600 rounds through it. The only modification is the application of Talon rubber grip tape. Before I send it back I wanted to measure the trigger pull force and here...
  4. XD Forum
    Here's the thing, I live in Nebraska and am going on a road trip here in November and will be in Cali for about a week. I am wanting to bring either my XDM 40 or my XDS 9 but I worry that I'll be breaking their laws. I know about the mag law but I just am not sure if there is anything else I...
1-4 of 4 Results