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.22 Ammunition

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I received an email from the Civilian Marksmanship Organization ( www.cmp.org ) informing me that they had received a large lot of Agulia sp ? .22 ammunition and that were expecting another rather large lot of the same. I am a Life Member of the NSSF ( National Sport Shooting Foundation ) as well as the CMP and the benefit of being a member of the NSSF, NRA, and the CMP is that if/when you buy a rifle from them they can ship it to your door. The CMP keeps you updated on all their events as well as the NRA and NSSF events going on around our country. You can do business with them by either going thru their website or visiting one of their 2 stores in person. They at present have some really nice M1 Garands with new barrels as well as al the parts one would need to keep his rifle running like new. I have been wanting an M1 Carbine but they have reached the low numbers and now are auctioned off by the CMP but I cannot afford the prices that get driven up by others with a lot more money than I have. All three groups/organizations I mention are ones all gun owners should belong to as they are three of the best at fighting for and keeping our gun rights.
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