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45 tactical rebuild

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I picked up a used tactical model couple of weeks ago , didn't need it but price was right, this is a pre melonite model , . so I decided to make it a range / target gun. ordered a lot of replacement springs , trigger kit , few replacement metal internal parts , and added these Williams adjustable fire sights , first step done I installed these last night ,


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Nice one shaner. Congrats on a sweet find there bud!
I like it.
well got all the new parts in tonite , picture shows the worn striker indicator, couple of chips out of it , the indicator guide , also beat up , , picture shows the new springer indicator guide in place , I went with the silver aluminum one, and the new magloc extended mag release in place . all the springs were replaced with + power from springer , trigger turned out nice and crisp. lot better then it was , had to be getting worn also, parts were still in good shape ? but , now they are new , guess ready for range trip in a while,


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Looking forward to your post range follow up...
Going to go out to the daughters house today. Son in law has a few steel targets I made for him should be enough to get it on board
made it to the daughters today all went great , really like the adjustable sights , and the red front , easy on older eyes for sure hahaha. had to click the rear sight 4 clicks left and 5 clicks up when I started out, then I was hitting the softball sized metal swingers we have out there , dead ringers if I held my end up , was shooting at 10 yds them 15yds. gun ran great which is good , trigger feels very crisp, nice deep primer hits , ran 150 rounds of CCI aluminum blazer thru it , so as of now iam satisfied
Sounds like a winner shaner! :metal2:
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