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Went to a couple of shows in the area, November and December. Dimped a few fixer uppers and clunkers I had swapped into. But, I didn't come home empty handed.

Picked up these two .45s, one at each show. Got the Kahr off an old man and his wife that had come by to look at used holsters on the table in Dec. They had just bought a Taurus 85 snub for the wife. She was in a wheelchair. I noticed she had a box in her lap under a coat. So... I had to ask. Yes, it was for sale now that they just got a .38 snub. Old guy said it was a compact .45 and he only wanted 3 bills. Checked it out. A CW45 in perfect condit, box, & manual. I had to stop myself from grabbing my wallet. I asked if they would take 250 for it. Old gy said the wife couldn't work the Kahr well, so they just had to make up the 280 they paid for the snub. Offered 275 and they took it.

Little gun worked as well as it looked too. Nice big hole up front, 6+1 capacity. No safety with a nice, light DAO trigger.

Got this like new HiPoint .45 back at the November show. A couple of idiots brought it by after I told them they were wasting their time trying to sell a rifle from Wally World for a hundred more than what it sells for at Wally Worl. The told me about the HiPoint and they would bring it to me if they did not sell wit with a nice locking box for 2. Told them again not to waste their time. Just bring it here and take a bill for it. Eventually they did.

And a sorta free Mossy "Plinkster" .22 rifle. Guy had come by to swap me a Bryco/Jennings 9 mill for a Lorcin 9 mil. Yep, pot metal gun for pot metal gun. I was kinda not wanting to, so I asked for 50 boot hoping the guy would leave. He said he really wanted it. If I would take a .22 auto rifle with it. He went to get it. Nice, new looking Plinkster. Probably would have swapped him the Lorcin for just the rifle cause I really didn't want the Bryco. A grip was cracked and his glue repair had kinda gummed up the saftey. But when he said both for the lorcim, why not!!!!!

Well, an hour later the guy comes back with the Lorcin. He said it worked, but he could not operate the grip safety in the back very well, He wanted to swap back. Told him I don't normally do that unless I get some boot again. He said he didn't have cash. That was whyhe gave me the rifle. Well, told him to leave the rifle and I would swap the pot metal specials back. He agreed. Guy's wife didn't like it, but it worked for me.


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Good trading.
I have a Kahr CW40 and CW9 and think you will like your 45.
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