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A Dummy with poor judgement...

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Another negative for us good gun owners. :rolleyes:
Stupid is...
What a brainiack.
What a brainiack.

I will never understand this type person who for whatever reason does something such as this for no apparent reason. With the correct Weapons Carry Permit here in Georgia we can also enter non secure areas with a firearm. Now remember I am talking about a concealed firearm here and not one not covered and surely not a long gun slung across a shoulder. This man being highly educated only goes to show that a high IQ does not equate to common sense which is what he should have used in his situation and never have pointed his rifle at anyone period. As noted this kind of report on TV only makes ALL of us pro gun folk look a bit dumb and reflects badly on every aspect of gun ownership.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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