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A quick report

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Took the XDs to the range yesterday. It was a clear day, 32*, 10mph south wind, making the wind chill 21*, so I didnt stay long.

Here is the first string of fire with Winchester SXT's. The 4 shots in the 6 and 7 ring are the first four shots. The other 7 rounds seemed to shoot a little low, but not as low as the first four. All were shot rapid fire.

Here is the last 10 shot string using my reloads. It seemed to like them real well, and are not as high a velocity as the factory rounds. These were also fired rapid fire.

In all I fired 50 rounds, all at 7 yards, and all rapid fire.

In all, the little pistol is a keeper. Its functioned without issue. Recoil is manageable. With the factory rounds and cold, arthitic hands, it did sting a little. Fit and function and finnish is excellent. I really liked the short reset on the trigger with its nice crisp, no creep release, but I do need to work on my trigger pull. I did not change the back straps to try them, only used the large one that was on the gun when I got it. I like the three dot sight, and had no problem picking up the red front sight. I see no need at this time to change to the green one, I might change mind once I get to shoot it in low light conditions. The mag springs were a little on the stiff side, but after all they're new. I'm going to load them up and leave them loaded for a while, and that should loosein them up some. I may add pinky extensions to the mags at a later date, but I didnt really have that much of a problem without them. One think I didnt like was the way it slings the brass. As a combat weapon you want the brass slung as far away as it can, but as a reloader who picks up his brass, you really have to hunt for it.

Well I hope I havent bored ya'll too much. I am looking forward to warmer weather so I can take the pistol for a really good walk. If Illinois gets concealed carry passed, I'm 99.9% sure this will be my concealed carry pistol.
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Pretty nice groups, next time move out to 15 yds and try it.
Good report...the groups will be better once you stop shivering... !! :D
Pretty nice groups, next time move out to 15 yds and try it.
I plan on it, I just froze out. The older I get the more of a woose I about cold weather. :D
Glad you like yours. I haven't had much problem at 10 yards with mine (shot it some at 15 and it does well there) and I added the pinky extensions on the short mags. Got a couple longer mags as well but think I like the shorter ones better.
I found a solution to the stiff springs in the mags making it a little hard to load. UpLula mag loader. Made loading the mags a breeze. Best $30 I've spent on a shooting accessory in a long time. If you have arthritic hands, I would recommend one.
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