A Wake Up Call

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    To be fair, the full story and circumstances in each of these instances might not be provided, so it may not be fair to judge. With that said, whether I agree with New Jersey gun laws or not, they are what they are. As I see it, it's my responsibility to understand the gun laws of any state I travel in or through. And with regard to relocating, all the more so.

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    The story about the Philadelphia mother has been covered extensively by Cam Edwards on the NRA News show on Sportsman's Channel. The same New Jersey prosecutor who is determined to send her to prison for inadvertently carrying a legal concealed handgun across the state line from Pennsylvania into New Jersey decided NOT to prosecute NFL football player Ray Rice for assaulting his fiancee and knocking her out cold.

    Rice has been placed in a "Pretrial Diversion Program." He will serve no jail time, and if he keeps his nose clean for six months, his record will be expunged and there will be no record that he ever committed any crime. At the same time, Shaneen Allen, a mother of two, is facing between three and ten years in state prison for making a simple mistake that harmed nobody. The judge will have no discretion in sentencing due to New Jersey's tough sentencing guidelines. She faces a minimum of three years in prison, and the prosecutor is determined to take the case all the way.

    Read more about the case here: http://www.personaldefenseworld.com...nknowingly-violating-nj-gun-laws/?scrape=true