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Added a little spice to my XD today.

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Bought this little red dot on a whim for less than $20.00. Thought I'd try it out.

I sighted it to be just about where the fixed sights line up and am hoping to get some range time in this weekend to give it a go. Now I need a different holster. This is worse than owning a Harley. :machinegun

20161029_103412 by Pigg Penn, on Flickr

XD_Reddot_No-Ser# by Pigg Penn, on Flickr

Red dot on the wall of a very bright room. It is intense. :eek:

20161029_103533 by Pigg Penn, on Flickr
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Okay, we need the particulars on this red dot. Where did you get it? What is it called?

Okay, we need the particulars on this red dot. Where did you get it? What is it called?

I found it on Amazon. There were several different kinds available so I'm not sure why I bought this one but glad I did.

Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Red Dot Laser Sight.

Mine came with the batteries needed and 3 different sized Allen wrenches. The largest for the rail, the next size down for the bracket to tighten and the smallest for the aiming characteristics. One word of caution...the on/off switch is on the back and could be a problem for short barrel lengths due to the trigger guard. There are other similar red dots that I believe have the on/off off to the side instead of directly behind the device.

You should only attach it to a true Weaver/Picatinny rail. I have another gun I tried it on but it wouldn't center and doubt it would stay attached properly with the violent recoil it could experience.

It also mounted to my Glock 19 perfectly.

I looked at my receipt and found it was 17.99 and free shipping. I thought it was a good deal.
Just an update if anyone is thinking of buying one of these.

They don't work well on a 9mm pistol. I tried it out last night and after several rounds were fired it would no longer stay on. I think I jolted the on/off switch a bit too much. The light still works but only if you hold in the switch.

Come to find out, the one I have is designed for .22 caliber firearms. My bad.
It happens...
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