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AFP story on Obama daughter’s Mexico trip scrubbed fromInternet

By: Christopher Bedford

An AFP report that President Barack Obama’s 13-year-olddaughter, Malia, is spending spring break in Oaxaca, Mexico appears to havebeen completely scrubbed from the Internet news sites that first reported it.Pictures have appeared in Mexican magazine Quién.com allegedly showing Maliavisiting Oaxaca.

AFP, the French news agency, first reported around mid-dayMonday that Malia Obama was vacationing in Mexico with 12 friends under theprotection of 25 Secret Service agents and a number of local police officers.(RELATED: More in Politics)

The International Business Times reported that “the grouparrived in Oaxaca on Saturday and reportedly visited the architectural site ofMitla.”

The Department of Public Safety, a Texas law enforcementagency, issued a warning on Tuesday against students celebrating their springbreaks in violence-torn Mexico. The Huffington Post reported that in February,the United States State Department “recommended that Americans avoid travel toall or parts of 14 or 31 Mexican states. It’s the widest travel advisory issuedby the U.S. since Mexico stepped up its drug war in 2006.”

Since the story was first reported, it appears to have beenscrubbed from a number of news outlets. The Huffington Post, InternationalBusiness Times, The Australian, The Telegraph and Global Grind have all removedthe article. AFP, which initially reported the story, now links to an unrelatedstory on “Sengalese superstar Youssou Ndour.”

Read more:http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/19/a...-with-25-secret-service-agents/#ixzz2OJeqpY5O
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