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Mrs 3T and I went to the Shaw AFB show today and I got pics of a Corsair and Mustang taxiing and an old prop job trying to stay up with a fighter.


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My favorite carrier based WWII fighter is the Vought F4U Corsair...got to sit in the cockpit of one when we visited Top Gun School in Miramar, California.

Friggin' Awesome...

First flight: 29 May 1940
Introduction: 28 December 1942
Retired: 1979

Primary users:
United States Navy
United States Marine Corps
Royal Navy
Royal New Zealand Air Force

Produced: 1942–1953
Number built: 12,571

On October 1st 1940, the XF4U-1 became the first single-engine U.S. fighter to fly faster than 400 mph (640 km/h) by setting an average ground speed of 405 miles per hour (652 km/h) during a northeastwards flight from Stratford to Hartford.

The USAAC's twin-engine Lockheed P-38 Lightning ( my 2nd favorite fighter ) had flown over 400 mph in January 1939.
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