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    Hi, guys :) We're now sponsoring! Thanks for welcoming us aboard.

    We're happy to answer any questions anyone has about our holsters or concealed carry in general.

    Here's a little bit of info about us:

    We're making VERY high quality holsters with the VERY best materials. They really are second to none.
    Once you've had the chance to hold one in your own hands, you're going to be convinced, too.

    We're breaking into new territory on price as well. We've worked very hard to get the price as low as possible and all of our holsters start under $30.
    When you compare this to other holster makers it's easy to assume that our stuff is not as good, but you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality.

    Have a look below for a good overview of all our features.

    Thanks for having us :)
    -Allen the Alien.

    We are very proud of our Iron Clad Triple Guarantee!


    30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    Free Shell Trades for Life
    Forever Warranty

    Our Holsters are Professional Quality

    With Better Quality Components

    -Ultra Premium Leather
    -Thicker, Better Quality Plastic
    -Stronger Belt Clips

    We Feature a Better Design

    -Adjustable Retention
    -Adjustable Tilt Angle (Cant)
    -Adjustable Ride Height
    -Fully Tuckable

    And We are Proudly Made in America!

    Check us out at our website: