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Alphabet Soup game

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we will start with A
A is for
B is for
and then go all the way to Z and start over?
Let's try it?
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V is for Vermont...the State Flower is the Red Clover.
V is for Virginia: State flower is American dogwood.
W is for Washington: State flower is Coast Rhododendron.
W is for West Virginia...the State Flower is the Rhododendron.
W is for Wisconsin...the State Flower is the Wood Violet.
W is for Wyoming: State flower is Indian paintbrush.

Next topic is: Pies that represent each State.
Example: Alabama: Buttermilk Pie
A is for Arkansas...the State Desert is the Pecan Pie.
We skipped Alaska & Arizona.

Alaska:Raspberry Baked Alaska Pie

Arizona: Prickly Pear Pie aka Cactus Pie
California: Meyer Lemon Pie.
C is for Connecticut...the State Desert is Snickerdoodles.
C is for Colorado---Rocky Road Pie.
Connecticut:Red,White & Blue Sugar Cookie Pie.
Delaware----Strawberry Shortcake Pie.

(If somebody wants to change this topic to something else you're more than welcome too,I get the feeling nobody likes this one ;) )
Florida: Key Lime Pie.
Hawaii----Macadamia Nut pie.
Illinois: Grasshopper pie.
Indiana----Sugar Cream aka Hoosier pie.
1381 - 1400 of 1430 Posts