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"American Sniper" Complaints

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Ah yes, the Hollyweed liberal crowd doing what they do.

Killing the enemy is what his job was and I guess their was no killing in all the war movies in the past. :confused:

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"Ignorant reviews from whiny, ungrateful Hollywood libs are meaningless.”

Great quote.....
Liberals are only looking for some press.
American Sniper has smashed box office records.

The only negative comments are just sour grapes coming from those soft squishy garden slug type liberals. Just what one would expect from simple minded cretins.
Will these critics zero in.


Of interest from the article.

Perhaps the film is a reminder that America was once considered a nation of riflemen. British Redcoats armed with muskets were at a distinct disadvantage against colonists armed with rifles; people whose very lives often depended on their ability to hit a target decisively with the single patched round ball in their muzzleloaders, and who hid behind trees or walls and picked their targets without hesitation.
Thanks 3T................
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