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Discussion in 'In Stock' started by chuckusaret, Apr 9, 2013.

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    My son and I stopped at the local Wal Mart this morning to purchase some Gunk engine cleaner. The walk to the car department takes you through the sporting goods section and the ammo section. Threre was an assortment of ammo on the shelves, 38, .40, .45 and many of the rifle calibers from .17 to .308. My son picked up four boxes of Federal Hydra Shok 165gr .40cal JHP $24.99per box. The salesman said that the demand for ammo has decreased dramatically in his store and this ammo was the remains of a shipment received last Thursday.

    I don't believe this is an indication that the shortage has ended, but is an indication that people have given up on going out of their way to find ammo.
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    That's great news for Fla., here in Virginia we're to close to D.C. to stop buying ammo. I'm not even seeing .270win on the WalMart shelves:confused:

    Eating Crow right now, just back from Wal-Mart with (3) boxes of Tula 223, they had some 7.62x39 and .380, nothing else but shotgun shells
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    its still slim pickings here can find some stuff here and there but 9mm is not to be found and when you do find it you dont want to pay the price they have on it
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    same everywhere around here , saturday , 45 acp for blazer was 25.99 abox, i think iam sittin on all i have till this ends or whatever happens, no play or range time , even reloading componets slim and jumped up there , so , time to start fishing more !!!!!!!!;)
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    It seems like when any of the 3 major pistol calbers show up in FMJ, 9MM, 40S&W and 45ACP, they are approximately priced at .30 a round for 9, .40 a round for 40 and .50 a round for .45. That is about .10 a round higher than before the rush to buy everything.
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    My ammo cache has tripled in value...better than $$ in the bank !!