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Another new member

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Hi Everybody, Just took delivery of my first XD9 Sub Compact. Have been carrying Glock 26 since Texas Legislature first opened the door, 10 years ago. I need to educate myself on the inner workings of the XD and will be interested in reading through forum member's comments in the days to come, especially anything having to do with breaking in a new gun.
Can anybody tell me if there is a serial number lookup anywhere ? I would like to figure out when my XD9 was born..and imported into the U.S. I Look forward to talking to you.
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Welcome aboard.
Welcome to the XD Firearms Forum !!

Enjoy our community...
Welcome, moved your post to the introductions section.

Give SA customer service a call and have your serial number handy.
They should be able to give you the "born on" date.

Customer service representatives can take your call Monday through Friday 8:30 to 4:30 CST.
US: 1-800-680-6866
Welcome to the forum !! Just heads up be weary of certain members in here - they perform " Voodoo" to make you want additional platforms :)
Welcome to the forum!!

I agree with the above. Check with SA for the born on date.
Thanks for the advice, I need to chat with the factory anyway. Looks like the gun has to go back to them for what appears to be a common problem with the first generation sub compacts.. fit and finish. I have to use a punch to depress the ejection button from the left side.. It does not release even when the rod end is flush with the frame, it must be indented beyond flush to recessed before the mag drops free. Seems to be a common problem... they're reportedly taking 6 months to fix and return. (back to Croatia by boat?) surely not. Other than that, I love how the pistol feels and shoots.
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