Anti Gun News Anchor Destroyed on Air.

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    What an interesting interview. It's clear that the news anchor has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. The only thing the news anchor can do is stoop down and agree with what the media tells him to agree with to keep his job. Clips? Jeez, this guy is so misinformed.

    I agree and disagree with the interviewee about he police not having a duty to protect you. True, nuts and bolts of the matter and the supreme court they have no obligation to protect you, BUT I know that there are many police officers that WILL put their life on the line to protect you. I'm not a police officer, but I too will put my life on the line to protect someone. I have no obligation to do so and I know that if I do that I have a high probability of getting killed or sued for doing just that. I don't care, it's a human life and the bad guys have to be put down when either my family or a third party is being lethally threaten.

    I'm having a hard time with the clip Ignorance just spews out of these guys mouth when they say things like that. The interview should be over at that moment and nothing else should be discussed.

    Why do we need an AK or AR? Defense... period
    Why has there never been an attack on the American soil (except for the 9/11 and that was with planes)? Because foreign countries KNOW that Americans are armed and WILL take them down in a heartbeat if they try anything here. Period! Take that away and you'll have problems.