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Any Archery or deer hunters here ??

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Im pretty serious into deer hunting. Anyone else ?? What do you hunt with and what do you "use" or do for more/better results??

I shoot a PSE stinger . GREAT bow !!! I live on 87 acres of farm land with about 6 acres of it is wooded. I do food plots, mineral sites and all kinds of stuff.. IF there are any other hunters I would love to swap secrets lol

I do carry my XDM while hunting tho... In case of a coyote. Seen 1 coyote, one 8 pt buck, and 5 doe so far this year. Plus I have had the privilege to have watched one go from spotted fawn to small young doe with no spots. She has snuck up on me twice while working in the woods and seems to like to "hang out" with me for hours on end and follow me around the woods:confused: lol lol
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Last year was my last season to archery hunt. My arthritis wont allow me to pull and hold my bow back. I still shotgun hunt, but its starting to hurt pretty bad also. Im just not ready to give it up yet.

Have you thought about a Crossbow?? I bought my bow used from a gentleman who had the same issue and went to a crossbow. Seems to be working out pretty well for him. Good thing too cuz I have learned a ton from him !!
I hunt deer/elk/bear with a bow. Sometimes a handgun when hunting bear.

handgun for when bears hunt you too !!! lol

I need a few more year exp before I would try a elk hunt with a bow.. Takes serious skills !!!
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