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AR 10 Opinions

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OK Christmas to myself is going to be a new AR in 308 win/7.62 but it looks like whatever I get I will be waiting backorder. Ive been looking at the DPMS Recon But the Colt 901 LE has caught my eye only thing is the extra cost will blow my optics budget. But is brushing up on my iron sight skills such a bad thing? lol Ive also looked at the Rock River arms Elite Operator but not too hot about their FAL mag limitations of their 8 month wait. Decisions Decisions Any Opinions

Trying to keep my Budget at $1500 and allowing an xtra $500 for optics
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I like all of them in the 308/7.62x51 platform and it just depends on what features you are looking for.
I have the Bushmaster 308 with Magpul Optional Equipment.
Have run about 250 rds thru it zeroing and getting the feel of it.
Believe me after about 50 rds your shoulder needs a break.

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Thanks Im looking at the DPMS Recon or MK12 really hard I have the DPMS in 223/5.56 and have a couple thousand rnds thru it with no real issues to speak of
Post some pics of the contenders so we can help you decide...
Top 5 Right now Im leaning towards the Sig even though its a gas piston remember my original budget was $1500 + $500 for Optics I can find all these on gunbroker (which saves me sales tax) except the rock river arms lar-8 so its looking loke its out of the running

# 1 Sig Sauer 716 / $1800 / gas piston

#2 Colt le 901 / $2200 / excepts .223 upper with mag adapter

#3 DPMS MK 12 / $1400 / 18" barrel /

DPMS Recon /$1300 / 16" barrel /

Rock River Arms LAR-8 Elite Operator / $1700 / cant find / 8 mo wait / does not except pmag only FAL / 16" barrel

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#3 DPMS MK 12 / $1400 / 18" barrel...for the win !

It's under budget and leaves more $$ for the optic !!
#3 DPMS MK 12 / $1400 / 18" barrel...for the win !

It's under budget and leaves more $$ for the optic !!

The MK12 is at 1520 on Gunbroker with 2 days to go just have to watch it
Game Changer probably be after the first of the year but the final decision has been made I belive
The Springfield M1A SOCUM II

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Yep, that's a big difference.
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