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I am a law abiding, taxpaying citizen that selected an AR-15rifle to own. I considered the activities I like to do with weapons and knowingmy limited money I could spend, the AR-15 was the best choice.

The AR-15 actually can use three different types of shells.I purchased the 22-caliber conversion kit so I could use the rifle for squirrelhunting. Some people use shotguns for squirrel hunting, but, I prefer the 22bullet. I eat what I kill, however, if I don't get a shot on a squirrel, it'sstill a great day. The fall hunting season is special for the changes happeningin the forest at that time.

Using the .223-caliber or 5.56-mm shells I can assistfarmers in controlling very costly pests on their farms. Groundhogs cause millionsof dollars of damage each year throughout the country. Farmland and crops areheavily damaged from these rodents. While in college, I worked on the collegefarm. Another student drove a tractor into groundhog holes tearing the frontend out of the tractor. That cost the college $2,300 in repairs and the loss ofthat tractor for three weeks during the busy harvest season. The airport inColumbus had to hire sharpshooters to solve their groundhog problem. It wasreported that their runways, taxiways and buildings were being ruined by theseburrowing, disease-carrying rodents. One can do a net search and find hundredsof news articles about the costly damage to golf courses, and local, state andfederal highways and bridges. Groundhogs are very elusive and must be huntedfrom a distance. The sights on the AR-15 provide for these 100 to 200-yardshots.

Another menace I like to help control is the coyote. Coyotepopulations are at epidemic condition in many states and communities. Thesepredators have invaded city and urban areas. The news media in all areas havereported dog and cat owners that have had their family pets attacked and killedby coyotes. Shockingly, there have been people attacked and killed by coyotesin the U.S. and Canada in recent years. Just last month, a gentleman wasattacked in his backyard in Washington. These killers are the smartest of thecanine species and have adapted to prey in our cities and towns. Coyotes are soclever; you’ll probably not get closer than 200 to 300 yards from them in thewild. From my U.S. Army training, I know the AR-15 style rifle has the power,range and aiming capability for these distances.

I enjoy target practicing in safe areas. This is one of myhobbies. As I stated, I have three options of the ammo I can use. By using the22 caliber shell at three cents per piece I can shoot many times for a relativelow cost. Then, I can convert the rifle over and fire a few 5.56mm shells at 46cents per piece to practice my accuracy. As with most people, not only do I haveto control my cost spending on my hobby, but also my time I spend. We all havebusy lives and many obligations. By using 20 or 30 round magazines, I can gainmore practice and enjoyment in a shorter period of time with less reloads. Thistranslates to a cost savings when I go to a pay by the hour range. Usually, Ionly have to buy one hour of range time.

I selected the AR-15 as my Home Defense weapon. My rifle hasa collapsible stock, in other words, I can shorten it up by about eight inches.This allows for greater maneuvering around my furniture and house in case Ihave an intruder. Unfortunately, most Americans gain their “knowledge” ofweapons from movies and TV shows. The action hero or TV cop superstar fires oneor two shots and the bad guy crumbles. This is not reality. Ask any combatveteran or police officer gunfight survivor. Better still, go online to YouTubeand watch real life dash cam videos of law enforcement gunfights. Many times,the bad guy is shot multiple times before being stopped. Last year, a highlyskilled and trained Columbus Police officer was attacked by a knife-wieldingcrazed man. The officer shot this guy seven times and still had to havemultiple officers assist in subduing him. A famous picture of a mad man is innearly every law enforcement textbook. It shows the body of a drug-crazed manwho was shot 33 times with 9mm bullets by police officers. The complete storyis the man walked two city blocks and climbed a flight of stairs beforesuccumbing to his gunshot wounds. This is the real world!

Recently, four gun-carrying people invaded a home in a highclass neighborhood of Gahanna during the day time. All four participated inbeating and robbing the home owners. If I, as a legal gun owner, faced thiskind of threat, I would have to fire at least two or three shots per bad guy tostop the threat on my family. This is eight to bullets. Obviously, this exceedsboth the seven and 10-round magazine capacity that others are promoting tolegislate over us law abiding citizens.

These are the main five reasons I selected to own an AR-15rifle. I share this because I want to assist in finding true and workablesolutions to the gun violence. I would welcome open dialogue in discussing gunownership and the expectation of a safe society.
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