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Are XDm's and better than XD for the money?

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As above really. Am considering getting an XD ( in what caliber,not sure yet), but have looked at some XDm and XDs at LGS. The XDm seems pretty nice. I have seen few few XD except online, none I could hold at a LGS. Are the XDm's really any better than the XD for the money? I kind of favor the XDm but for much less I can get an XD online. I know the sights are different, but they can be changed out ok on the XD can't they? It looks like they can be. Anyway, those of you with more knowledge let me know your thought! Thanks in advance!
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Ok, that helps a lot! I have been looking through Gunbroker for used XDm. I don't find too many. I guess now I have to decide what size I want and caliber.
I got a feeling they are keepers as I find very,very few used.
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