Are You Intimidated

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    Maybe you never thought this would happen but it's here.

    • Telling the American people how to live;
    • Limiting access to medical care;
    • Attempting by fiat and legislation to dramatically limit gun ownership;
    • Shifting near unlimited power to Washington D.C., by ignoring the concept of federalism;
    • Deliberately bankrupting the country;
    • Placing the private sector under the thumb of bureaucrats;
    • Monitoring without search warrants American's private conversations and communications;
    • Allowing unrestrained illegal immigration in order to affect the voting patterns in their favor.

    Wake up !

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    Yes sir.... definitely a sheep dawg !!
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  3. chuckusaret

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    Yep, Obama has done it all and will now continue to do so under the just approved NDAA. The one exception is our weapons. We all know that Biden task force is nothing but smoke and mirrors as revealed by the NRA Representative that was in attendance.

    What are we to do? Continue to inundate our state and federal representatives with e-mails and letters, attend the march on the state capital demonstrations scheduled for Jan. and Feb., contribute to the pro gun organizations that have taken up the fight, attend all of the local representatives town hall meetings, and voice your outrage over the presidents willful attempt to restrict our rights under the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.