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    Well I perceive that the availability of ammo might be improving some but I also notice that the price is staying up there... go figure. Making a trip down to Lacey Cabella's in a moment for fun. Welcher's here in Tacoma usually has some of what I want in stock except for 22LR a couple of times. Just got my order from www.natchezss.com 500 rounds BVAC 115gr RN 9mm $123.49 (reloads) - going to the range Monday to try it out. Also use 38 Special, 380 ACP, but like my 9mm XD best. :metal2:
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    Post a range report here...thanks !

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    I also think availability is slowly coming back.
    While down at Myrtle Beach I went to Bass Pro Shop and picked up 4 boxes (50 count) of CCI 22 LR rds at $3.79 a box.

    Agree on the range report, let us know.
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    OK - Everything went well today. I ran 64 rounds of the ammo I bought on line through my XD and it worked great. No misfires, or malfunctions of any kind. Very happy with it. www.natchezss.com 500 rounds BVAC 115gr RN 9mm $123.49 (reloads) Spent a little over two hours trying various different weapons and ammo but was asked to report on the bulk reload 9mm stuff so here it is.

    We had my grandson with us and he had a blast. There are a few pictures on my Blog: