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... I was coming back from a buddy of mine's house - long story short

* he had suffered stroke etc ..
* rehabbing currently
* I wanted to come over cook them dinner kick back let's the kids play
* two Beautiful children - they basically knew me before i had my Son

* Discussion = FireArms -

*of course - I advised her , you now I have mine on me now right?

She said no , but so what? =) it's just good to have people on YOUR side

ya know?

Anyways , buddy of mine advised me there was a 7 RD MAG available and such and he purchased it .. etc .. etc..

* Advised him OH , a homie of mine already secured his for me .. he was like what? this and THat ...

* i told him ... there's a SMALL circle of individuals that I care to communicate with .

* ALL ex and CUrrent MIlitary - etc . ...

so Cheers we are blessed

Never stop the fight

TinMan - still no meat

* that's what she said


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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