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I went to the lgs today thinking I was gonna order up a XDM 9mm compact. Well it turns out seeing I live in good ole NY I am unable to own one because they don't offer a 10rd mag for the XDM 9mm. I can still acquire my desired sidearm if I purchase it out of state have them modify the mags then send it to my lgs for transfer. But obviously there is an added charge for all this nonsense which will most likely add up to an additional 100$.
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Welcome to the forum MSweet.

Understandable that you are a bit bummed. Ever consider moving?

If you have time, stop by the Intro thread and say hello to everyone.
That is always a viable option. According to our wonderful governor people that are pro 2nd amendment have no place in NY anyway!!
New York New York. :rolleyes:

Welcome to the XD MSweet.
Same problem here in wonderful California !!! :mad:
Man, that sucks. Still, glad you're with us MSweet...
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