Casing ejection-off the wall question

Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by XDs45IWB, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. XDs45IWB

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    This has been bugging my analytical mind for quite some time now, so I'll throw it out here for discussion. When my XD9 (4") is shot, a person can dang near sit behind it with their hand out and all the ejected brass will land in your palm. I've done it while my daughter shoots. However, my XD-s throws them spent .45's all over the place, some never to be seen again. Why the difference? Maybe I'll get an answer and I'll be able to sleep at night again :rolleyes:
  2. threetango

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    That's a good one as for some reason I never look where the brass goes, too busy concentrating on the next shot placement.
    Maybe one of the guys can answer.

  3. CallMaker

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    Great question!! However I think there are too many variables to pinpoint any single reason. Type of pistol, caliber, slide velocity, load pressure, extractor tension, shooter grip, phase of the moon, earth magnetic fields, etc., etc.

    It's an interesting subject but for my parts I guess it just part of having fun shooting;););)
  4. jayson

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    I reload so I try to keep as much brass as possible lol

    I noticed it a while back, and I THINK it is a 9 vs .45 thing. I can easily retrieve brass from my XDM 3.8 9mm but the XDM 4.5in in .45 slings them !!

    I also noticed the same thing with a buddy, his Glocks in 9mm both put the brass in a nice lil pile not far away. However his Kimber 1911 slings most brass never to be seen again.

    Another buddy has a Springfield 1911, Range Officer I THINK?? IF you can even find his cases they are pretty mangled from the "manly extractor" as he puts it lol

    NOT much science at all but hope it helps you sleep at night lol
  5. XDs45IWB

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    Well at least I know it's just not me! I collect the brass for reloading to, hence the observation. I'll rest easier now, thanks !
  6. 97thSignalman

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    Ejection varies with ammo power

    I have an XD 45 4-inch model and I have noticed variations in ejection. Full power 230 grain loads eject consitently to the right and slightly to the rear. When I use my light 185 grain handloads the ejection is straight back. Sometines they even hit the top of my head.
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    Maybe its just a small hand held adjustment,,try putting the weapon in a vise then test it
  8. chuckusaret

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    I don't reload and I don't care how, where or how far as long as it is not back at me......My XD40 5" and XD40SC both consistently eject to the right and slightly to the rear with any ammo.
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