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CC holster for XDS 9mm 3.3

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Starting to look for a IWB holster for XDS 9mm 3.3 I would appreciate any feedback from users who have a holster they like for this firearm.

Looking for something that is comfortable that will work well with a slightly overweight mature gentleman. :)
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I appreciate the response and will check out Allengear.

BTW, 73, 210, 4 way heart bypass, spinal back fusion, both knees replaced and last month total shoulder replacement. Not bragging or complaining just thankful for what I have. Parts is parts, what is this thing called arthritis you mentioned. :)

QUOTE=JoeUSooner;41558]LOL... l'll match you year-for-year and pound-for-pound! And I'll throw in a twinge or two of arthritis!

I've had excellent luck with (several) IWB holsters from Aliengear. They are affordable and very comfortable (and carry terrific warranties).

Check them out... you'll likely be impressed.[/QUOTE]

Not allen... Alien as in the illegal ones flooding into the country to vote for more free stuff.
Autocorrect is a beautiful thing.....not
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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