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Awesome idea...


The Pawn Our pawns are modeled after the 9mm cartridge, one of the most common and expendable calibers. These may be the smallest pieces on the board, but they can certainly pack a punch when properly placed.

The Rook The Rooks are the 50AE (action express), a hefty caliber to say the least and one who’s straight shot can really make an impact. Rooks barrel themselves down the board and are the most fun to slam into their “targets”.

The Knight We chose the .454 Casull. Originally it was made as an improvement on the 45 Colt with a strengthened and longer case. In history, Knights themselves were an improvement on the average person, having been ‘knighted’ they were understood as being stronger and a cut above the rest.

The Bishop The 7.62x39 was first used by the Russians in WWII. Using this caliber for the Chessammo bishop is a nod to the Russian’s well known love for the game of chess.

The Queen To offset the Russian caliber beside her, the Queens are modeled after the massive 45-70 Gov, or ’45 Government’. This colossal caliber seemed fitting; “You want the King? Then you have to go through her first!”

The King The beloved .30-06! Every hunter and military person knows this caliber by name and most by sight. With his impressive military history none can refute the honor this caliber deserves. Who else is best suited for the Chessammo crown?!

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