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Chiappa Rhino 200 D

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I am enjoying this , love the pull on the trigger

10 yards - double taps -

I attempted single shot - but the DBL tap is very effective

.357 /158 GRN



Still getting accustom to the unique grip

400 rds so far -


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just wish there was more options on an IWB - ....
Are you thinking to make that your EDC?

It has been for now since my xds is in the shop - on occasion i do the HK usp compact .40 .

but i have always had love for the wheel gun

speically this one !! :machinegun
Do you still enjoy shooting this? I was thinking of picking one up and would love some more feedback on it.
I have always loved wheel guns - aka Revolvers - I have many

4C - man I luuuuuv shooting this Revolver man

If you can locate and acquire the 200D version -


Now the model i have is the 200D - Hammerless
there is a 200DS , if you want to cock the hammer and such -
Now price wise - I lucked out , I just actively searched local area shops

This pawn shop had mine brand new at a LOW price -
( they did not realize what they had) i am in Texas -
Try not pay the retail on it - Cabelas had a Nickle one in there library but it was the 200DS

But for my purpose of the 200D - no hammer - less moving parts -
Plus I would never carry a revolver with the hammer back ever .
watch the Muzzle in my video - I discharged six .357 GR158
My Defense load is 125 grain Fed Hydro Shoks -

Let me know if you have any more questions

Happy New Year

p.s there is a different type of hold on this type revolver - since it Discharges from the Six O clock rather then the 12 O clock -

I am a left draw - even though I am right handed - odd yes - but my grouping is supreme with the left
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1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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