Come on down Magpul.

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    I have Magpul furniture on mt Bushmaster AR10 and would gladly add more.

    While Magpul employs 200 people directly, it's slated to spend $85 million buying goods, particularly injection-molded plastics, from other Colorado firms in 2013. The company says it would spend that money elsewhere if Colorado moves ahead with its gun control package, saying their customers would object if any or all of the product was built in a gun-critical state.
    Texas, South Carolina, and Idaho, meanwhile, are pleading with Magpul to relocate to their more gun-friendly states.
    "South Carolina would welcome Magpul with open arms," US Rep. Jeff Duncan (R) wrote to the company. "South Carolina is a freedom-loving state. The Second Amendment is very near and dear not only to the folks in my district, but to folks in the entire state."

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    I would like Magpul to come to ALASKA. I noted the article was in the Alaska Dispatch!