Councilman Attempts to Deny Residents 2nd Amendment Rights

Discussion in 'Second Amendment & Legal' started by chuckusaret, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Excellent article, even Alaska, as red as we are, have these same kind of problem children trying to save us from ourselves!

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    One of the posters on the thread following the article (Shane Hoffmire, I think) makes the following claim several times: "This is not a second amendment issue as the second amendment already allows for restrictions on where guns are allowed." Following is my response to that claim.

    No, Shane, it doesn't allow for restrictions on where guns are allowed. Even though many state laws do list many places where concealed carry is not allowed, that does not make those laws valid, nor does it prove that 2A allows for such restrictions. "... shall not be infringed." Period. Not "shall not be infringed except by any state or local legislation to the contrary", not "shall not be infringed in any place outside of places X, Y and Z", just plainly and simply "shall not be infringed".

    You also claim that "people like us" are unable to find a middle ground. Also false. The fact is that we have not taken up arms in rebellion against the unconstitutional legislation requiring all the hoops we have to jump to get permits, to get guns, to get ammunition. And by choosing not to take up arms over the issue, we have demonstrated a willingness to find some reasonable compromise.

    The people who are unwilling to find a middle ground are those who, no matter what concessions are made, demand more and more restrictions on guns, ammunition, location, etc. People like you, Shane Hoffmire.