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One of the leading sighting systems companies in the country, Wilsonville, Oregon-based Crimson Trace has announced they are bringing a green light laser to the market for the Springfield Armory XD(S) pistol.

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Founded in 1994, Crimson Trace has been marketing laser sights for over 20 years and has gotten pretty good at it.

Why a laser?

"Your heart pounds as adrenaline surges. You experience target fixation. Your near vision deteriorates. Your field of vision narrows. You don't hear everything. Time slows down. Forget about all those techniques and tactics you practiced at the range, because everything you learned turns to mush between your ears," reads Crimson trace's website.

Why a green laser?


Bottom line, an active sighting system can help put your aim point on target in those low light or high stress (or both) situations when you may not be able to get that fast and accurate sight picture. These sights work best as a reactive system for close-combat subcompacts.

Which makes it is a good fit for the XDS

With the "S" in the series denoting a single stack magazine, these guns took the improvements that came about with the M-series XD over the original HS2000 pattern gun and shrunk everything down. Using a 3.3-inch or 4-inch barrel coupled with a frame that is slimmed significantly by the use of a single stack rather than double stack mag, you have a handy little .45 that is only an inch thick.

This gives you a subcompact gun that is about the same relative "palm-size" as a snub-nosed .38 special or a Glock 36 subcompact (and in some cases even thinner, sorry Glock) that is capable of firing that grand old gentleman that is the .45ACP. Of course, you can also pick up an XDS in 9mm as well and have a gun that beats the vaunted new Glock 43 all day.

The new XDS laser set up

Crimson Trace's new LG-469G Green Laserguard is a compact green laser sight designed specifically for the XDS. The laser mounts on the leading edge of the trigger guard and uses what the company bills as its Instinctive Activation feature which turns the laser on when the handgun is handled in the standard firing grip.

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The LG-469G provides 2 hours of run time on a single 1/3N battery which comes with the device. It mounts without making mods to your XD and is fully adjustable for windage and elevation.

It's set for release in coming days

Platform: Laserguard
Material: Polymer
Color: Black
Activation Location: Front Activation
Master On/Off Switch; Yes
Attachment: Trigger Guard
Battery Type: One 1/3N Lithium Battery
Finish: Polymer Housing with Rubber Overmold Activation Pad
Installation: User Installed
Laser Battery: Life Over Two Hours
Activation Mode: Pressure Activated
Sighting: Factory Sighted at 50'
User Adjustable Windage and Elevation
Warranty: Three Year Full Warranty
Dot Size : Approx. 0.50" at 50'
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