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Data on 155gn rnfp for .40

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Does anyone have any data on extreme bullets .40 155gn rnfp bullets. Here in Alaska. Can i use standard hornady 155gn data? I load as a hobby. Got a second XD as conceal carry cause my Ruger super redhawk alaskan .44mag was just a lil too bulky. I carry my .44 in the woods. Wanting some data.
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Andy, what part of AK are you in? I live in Anchorage. Welcome to XD!
I live here in Anchorage also.

So i found some IMR PB. I loaded a few rounds with 4.7gn and will try to get to the range here in the next day or two and try them out. Only made 5 rounds so it will be a quick trip pretty much. Heres my data

Once fired case
win wsp primer
155gn rnfp .40 extreme bullet
4.7gn Imr PB powder
COL 1.125
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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