Deal or No Deal? XD9 Bitone in CA

Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by rogersterling, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. rogersterling

    rogersterling New Member

    Hi XD-ers,

    I'm a noob looking for my first handgun. I've shot glocks, m&ps and finally got my heart set on the XD9. I'm in California where these XDs and pretty much all other popular guns are insanely difficult to find. So I have an opportunity to buy:

    -XD 9mm Bi-tone
    -Owner claims 100 rounds shot (box of FMJ, box of HP)
    -Comes with XD Kit holster, mag loader, mag holder
    - 2 10 round mags
    - 1 16 round rebuild kit

    Price is $600. Seems high, but all the LGS say they haven't seen one of these NIB for months and months.

    What do you guys think? Deal or no deal?
  2. CallMaker

    CallMaker Guest

    As you live in a 3rd world country it is difficult to assess the market value as there are no like comparisons here. However you are on the right track with the XD9, impossible to beat this pistol.

    If this is you pistol of choice and there is an acute shortage there perhaps you might want to bite the bullet and make the buy.

  3. threetango

    threetango Moderator Moderator

    Price seems high to me, I'd look around for someone who doesn't bend you over.
  4. wmruss

    wmruss New Member

    Yes,,used it seems a bit high,,but it sounds like it was slightly used,,make an offer of $500.00 much better price yet still a good deal,,GL,,,and YES SA-XDs are great guns
  5. dio2868

    dio2868 New Member

    Have one in 40 for that price but I threw in a insight x2l
  6. Boostaddict

    Boostaddict New Member

    Is this an XD9 subcompact? If so, there is one I just saw yesterday for 489.00 brand new. By the way I have this gun in subcompact and love it. One of my favorites. Very accurate for such a small barrel. I bought mine at another LGS in Nashville for 529.00 new with the whole kit to give you an idea. Mines all black thou, just personally think it looks better all black.
  7. JoeUSooner

    JoeUSooner JoeUSooner

    Having owned and carried an XD 9mm Service (4") Pistol for two years now, I can attest to the inherent quality of the weapon. And it's impressive accuracy right out of the box. I recommend it to almost anyone.

    At the time I purchased it, the new XD cost $469 at a local dealership. Taking into account two years of inflation, and then discounting for being a used weapon, the $600 price tag seems a bit high, but not abnormally so.

    If it is rare (if you're not likely to find many others available), and you like it a lot, it's probably worth obtaining. At least, you won't be terribly abused in the sale. LOL
  8. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 RETIRED MODERATOR Lifetime Supporter

    Welcome to the XD Firearms Forum !!

    Fine Firearm...but price is on the high side...offer at least $50 less or ask for that much in ammo.

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