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Delay on purchased new gun? Is this happening to anyone else?

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I went to go pick up my new firearm and it said it still wasn't ready for me to pick it up on Gander Mountain's computer? The guy behind the counter told me that the state police are running behind in processing. Would have been nice if it is true, that the guy I purchased it from told me that I would have waited an extra day

Is anyone else having this problem? I purchased it Saturday night at 8:15 p.m. and I was there tonight at 8:30 and they wouldn't release it?

By the way picking up the 9mm subcompact mod 2. I already have the 40 caliber subcompact for carrying.

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My latest purchase was a Walther P22 - for instructing my granddaughter - about a month ago, at the local gun range (I've been a member for a year now, and they know me well).

The FBI replied "no response" to my NICS background check, and they instructed the range to decide whether or not to sell me the pistol (which they did after the 72 hour waiting period).

An odd experience, but similar to the delay you endured...
Went and picked mine up tonight. Nothing was said, they had me sign the paper and I left. Weird.

Oh well, ended good and I got my new pistol.
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