Depends on the intended use...

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    Depends on your intended use, size of hands and other personal criteria that are unique to you. Suggest you try out a variety of XDs at a range or gun shop. :cool:
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    Welcome to the XD Forum badman400 !!

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    Welcome to the forum badman 400!! And no one mentions cost factor and caliber requirements as part of the decision as to what XD to buy. So when deciding, keep this in mind since you will have to feed your gun plenty!
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  4. Balota

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    I've tried the XD Subcompact 9mm with the pinky extension on the mags. Liked it a lot. Rented it for 3-4 months, once a week. (100% of rental fees applied to purchase...I love my local gun shop...) When I finally saved up enough to buy one, I tried the XDm Compact 9mm once. That settled it, bought the XDm Compact. Just enough bigger to make the grip easier. But either one would be great for EDC.

    I also tried their Competition Series in 9mm, but I wanted a 45 for the home gun. I spent a bunch of time comparing a SA 1911 and a SA XDm. (More rentals towards a purchase!) I could not see any difference in my accuracy. Since I'm already used to the XDm in my EDC, I decided on the XDm for 45. Got the Competition Series to get the longer barrel and sight radius. Glad I did. When I got the new gun and put on the small backstrap, my accuracy was noticeably better than with the rental guns.

    I plan on sending that one back to get night sights and maybe a slight reduction in trigger pull (maybe 4-4.5 lb).

    Just my experience, YMMV.
  5. MrT

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    Take a long hard look at the XDm 3.8 9mm. Fantastic gun, shoots much better than I do. Could not believe the price and all of the useful accessories that came with it. Maybe too big for ccw? but a great gun.
    Just sayin
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    I have fired the XD, XDM and XDS and all met all of my expectations, but I'll stick with my faithfull XD40SC that has been my EDC for the past five years and my fairly new XD40 5". Both have been flawless.......
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    I just absolutely love my XD9SC,,,without a doubt the best gun ive ever owned and the nicest shooting gun ive ever owned. I also carry it on a daily basis and with the right holster it fits my body perfect,,CUSTOM MADE FORWARD CANT,,,love it. Also love the Hornady Critical Defense rounds I use with it,,,
  8. tazo2503

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    +1 chuck. Depending on clothing, etc., my alternate is a Kahr P380. I like to call it my "better than no" gun. Night table HD is a XDm 40 Compact.
  9. shadow

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    I'm psyched to get an XDm9 Compact! That would be as close to perfect as I could get with any gun! It's gonna do alternate nightstand duty with a Beretta 92fs and a Springfield Lightweight Operator 1911. The XDm will of course be my EDC gun! Throw in a S&W 442 and I'll be all set!
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    Shadow welcome to the forum. Enjoy your visits.
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    Nice choice and welcome to the forum.