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Finding a holster for your pistol can be maddening. The Springfield XD 3 series of compact pistols, billed as the smallest under-barrel railed handgun in its class, is a new and popular design. This pistol, due to its size is sometimes hard to find leather to fit it.
New York-based holster maker Desantis produces no less than seven models of inside the waistband holsters billed to fit the 3" XD subcompact pistols.


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This model is a tuckable and adjustable holster made from leather and kydex. Costing about $50 the Intruder is less than comparable holsters from Crossbreed and Galco and allows for great flexibility.



The Desantis Soft Tuc tuckable holster with a Springfield XD subcompact. It can be worn strong side, cross draw or on the small of the back. It is built from soft, no-slip suede and reinforced at the top with premium saddle leather to aid in re-holstering.

The Insider

One of the most basic of designs, this entry level IWB is made of soft and un-molded leather. Priced at about $20 it has no retention features and is difficult to reholster one-handed, but as they say, its better than nothing.

Pocket Tuk

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Bargain priced at under $20, the suede construction Pocket Tuk has a clip that rotates 360-degrees to carry your XD in numerous ways. If the clip is not for you and slimline pocket carry is the way you roll, just remove the clip with the supplied hex key and slip the holster down deep into your favorite pants.

Cozy Partner

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This model is one of Desantis' top shelf ($72) entries into the IWB holster market. Available in either tan or black, the Cozy Partner incorporates a memory band that holds the holster open for one-handed reholstering. It has besides the color choices options for left or right hand carry, thumbreak adjustment screw to increase or decrease the friction hold, and a 1.75-inch split belt loop.

Tuck This

For those who want a more 'tactical' IWB, the M24 Tuck This by Desantis could be just the thing. Made of black ballistic nylon and lined with pack cloth, it has a adjustable belt tab can swing from cross draw to FBI-strong side carry. Its also ambidextrous and has a spare magazine pouch built into it. Not a bad deal for $40. The N87 Pro Stealth holster has a similar lay out.

No matter what your preference, odds are Desantis has your XD covered.
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