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Does your state's carry laws effect your carry style?

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After readin the holster for a XD thread it made me start thinking. How much does your states carry laws effect your carry style? I know in some states you can not print. Others open carry is no big deal.

My carry style is OWB because Iowa's laws allow concealed or open carry.

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In Pennsylvania...Open Carry is allowed everywhere without a LTCF ( License To Carry Firearm )

with the exception of Philadelphia, where a license is required to both open & conceal carry. There

is no brandishing law...so my holster type does not hinge on total concealment, tho that is what I prefer

to do when out and about. IWB holsters comprise 90% of what I own, but I do own a few OWB holsters.
Yeah a little. We have open carry and no "printing" laws so I can wear what I want and not have to worry. IF I did have to worry about it I would use a "tuckable" holster to keep my shirt covering it at all times.

If there were "printing" laws or no open carry I might not carry at work due to the fact my work uniforms seem to print really bad and ride up when I bend over.
open carry is legal in ohio but cops like to give you a hard time from what i have heard and read. i.e. inciting panic. printing is not an issue to the best of my knowledge. i usually have a cover garment of some sort to help avoid that. with the winter here concealment is a bit easier than in the summer months. however if you watch the public at large they are oblivious. i could oc and most of the people would not notice. especially with a a pistol that is not brightly colored like nickel or stainless.
Open carry Tennessee
... I carry OWB concealed with a good leather holster and have no problems packing a HK 45 or XDM 4.5 or a 3.8 XDM 45..
Some times I use my 4.5 XDM 9 .
I am not a fan of open carry, but even if Florida was a open carry state I would continue to conceal carry. There is an opportunity cost for everything we do and my opportunity cost to carry a gun is to dress to accommodate the gun. Small price to pay IMO.
I am not a fan of open carry, but even if Florida was a open carry state I would continue to conceal carry. There is an opportunity cost for everything we do and my opportunity cost to carry a gun is to dress to accommodate the gun. Small price to pay IMO.

Im not a fan of open carry either !!! conceal carry is always best IMHO. More so in FL, there are some CRAZY people down there lol. I lived in Jacksonville/St Augustine area for a long time.

Up here in the cold I can easily hide my .45 xdm 4.5 in the summer the 3.8 compact 9mm hides very easily. IF I lived in FL agin I would go with a even smaller xds or even a S&W bodyguard/ pocket gun. however when I visit FL (being a tourist) I carry the .45 lol
Oklahoma passed open carry (with a permit only) back in March. It went into effect Nov-1. I open carried the last two days, except into gun-free zones (zoo, a particular Dr. office, etc.)

My reasoning has always been that concealed makes more sense. Doesn't make sense to me to show the bad guy who his first target should be. But, some of the guys at my LGS suggested a different viewpoint. Except for pathological killers, most bad guys don't want a gun fight. They want to intimidate the storekeeper and get away quickly. They come in and look around first. If they see some folks open carrying, they find another store to rob.

Not sure which is right, but open carry felt a lot more comfortable physically. Any opinions?

On a related note, one of the ideas that seems reasonable is that the Oklahoma LEOs will have their hands full with "OMG, he's got a gun!" calls. If you're walking around Walmart open carry, someone may call a cop. By the time you leave the store, there may be a cop waiting outside for you. Since there's plenty of uninformed folks who think open carry means anybody (not just permit holders), the cops may choose to inquire about your license. (Strictly speaking they should not stop you without reasonable cause, but there you go...)

Seems easier for all concerned if you are wearing your license openly. I got one of those travel lanyards like folks use in airports. My carry license is in the window on the front of it. A cop who sees me walking out of Walmart probably won't bother me since I'm carrying properly and he can see I have a license.
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virgina is a open carry state no permit needed, permit for cc, we don't have any no print laws just need gun safety certificate price and finger printing very by county or city regulations most are $50 but Campbell Co where i live dropped their rates for the permit to $15 last July
Open carry is not legal in Illinois. But then again, neither is concealed carry.:mad:
Texas is not a traditional open carry state. They also do not allow open carry, or even printing, by those who have a concealed carry permit.

I agree with Balota it's concealment for a reason
Concealment has a lot of advantages. If the bad guy comes in the store and knows that no one is armed (say in Illinois for example) then he isn't worried about people shooting back. If he comes in and knows who is carrying (open), then he knows who to shoot first.

But, if both open and concealed carry are allowed, the bad guy does NOT know who is carrying, even if someone is open carry. Because someone else may be concealed. And he knows for sure that someone is armed. Most criminals aren't looking for a shootout. They're looking for an easy pay day. Chances are they will go elsewhere looking for that pay day.

I'd say having both open and concealed options available definitely affects my carry style. It gives me more options and some of them are a lot more comfortable and convenient.

I find open carry to be considerably more comfortable. Until I can find a concealed holster that works for me, I will carry open.

I tried fanny pack, but the weight hanging out front was messing up my lower back. I have an Old Fashioned Holster (similar to Crossbreed Supertuck) that is OK standing up, but sitting down can be very uncomfortable unless it's in just the right position. Plus it's going to take me a while to switch over my clothing to pants about 2 sizes over my normal. I have a belly band on order that I may try wearing around the belt line at 4 o'clock. The search continues...
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I always carry concealed even though we have the option. Open carry tends give away your advantage as well as alienate some people who are all ready somewhat fearful of firearms.

I sometimes carry in a man purse rather than a holster. Depends on where I'm going and the weather. Being older that gives me two advantages. I want the creepoid's last thought to be "That feeble old gay dude is not a problem."
SHOOTER 13 does that Law in PA.? also apply to a Non Resident Pa CCWP Holders as well,? when visiting the State of PA.?
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