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Drugs kill!!!!!

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Interesting article.
Crazy people take crazy people meds. No surprise there.

Do you guys think that's the reason for the elevation of shootings, or vice versa?
I think there are too many "Dr. Feel Goods" out there that run the "patient assembly line" type of practice. Sadly many Doctors are less interested in treating patients than amassing dollars. Pills are quick and easy and the Doc does not need to devote his "valuable" time with a real diagnosis. He gets more patients billed, makes more money to spend on his toys and can belong to a more expensive country club to play golf with his cronies.
That is a shame. At the same time I worry. Psychiatry is still an emerging field we understand very little about, and most antidepressants are not approved for long term use.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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