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Emerson Knives up for Grabs

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Not sure if I am authorized to post this - please Advise - Admin

But I have purchased Two Emerson's from this Individual - confirmed - Solid guy

Helping a friend out - he does not Facebook
1- Roadhouse SF 2011 blade dates $185
1- Reliant SF 2011 blade dates $145
1- M Desert Roadhouse BT 2013 blade date $170
1- M Roadhouse BTS 2013 blade date $175
1-M Roadhouse BT 2012 blade date $170
1- MC7BSFW 2012 blade date $150
All are new overstock knives that I bought. Contact me for any knives I do not have listed on eBay or in this email. If anyone wants one of the new flippers let me know I might be able to help.
All prices include USPS priority shipping. Prices are USPS money order or additional 2.9% for PayPal. Contact me by email, [email protected] if interested in anything.

*Emerson Super Roadhouse SFS 2011 blade date
Number 041 $260.99

He has the older Emerson's that are dated and Low Serial #

Good guy from Lehigh Valley , PA

Let him know TinMan sent ya if interested on any Emerson Blades

Cheers !


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Moved your post to the proper section.
Emerson makes some good knives, I have several.
Copy thank you threetango
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