Family and people (gun!?)

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    So, I've gotten this a few ways. Since I put family in the title, I'd like to start there. When I got my gun, I was 20, living at home. Just buying it and being like 'Yes, it's a gun. Yes I own it.' was fine. (Springfield armor XDM .40) By fine, I mean we didn't talk about it, we didn't think about it. Out of sight, out of mind.

    Fast forward about 2 weeks and I'm doing trigger pressure and sighting exercises, pointing it at the TV. Now there's a problem! Try as I might, I can't explain to my mother, why it's necessary to understand how moving the weapon changes the sight picture. How it's necessary and responsible to know the trigger pull.

    Now, I have to say, this has been about 5 years ago that I ran into this trouble. (mostly went to the range or made sure she wasn't there to avoid confrontation) I since own my own place where it's not a problem. But. In the sake of my first post on a new form being relevant... Any luck convincing a reluctant mother (or partner) that you 'need to learn how to use' a potentially deadly weapon?
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    Welcome to the XD Forum hewhoisiam !!

    Nope...never had that problem !!

    Both my women love to shoot...

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    Welcome to the forum. No problems like that here. Wife grew up on a farm shooting a Benji air frifle and .22s. Her dad was an outlaw hunter for years. When I married her, she came with the Benjamin .22 pump rifle packed in her bags. Her brother was not much of a shooter, so she got it. And er grandmother kept a shotgun by the recliner to shoot gophers in the yard. Her mother kept a semi auto .22 rifle loaded for coyotes that wandered in the yard.

    My mother grew up on a ranch with several brothers. They hunted and kept guns around the house. She was use to us having guns. My dad was an avid hunter and an LEO. Cut my teeth on a S&W Mod. 28 in .357.
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    Nope, no such problems here. My entire family is pro gun. My grand parents hunted, parents hunted [dad held a FFL], in laws all hunt, wife children and I [I hold a type 01 FFL] hunted. Now the grandkids are starting to get into guns.

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    Welcome hewhoisiam,
    I grew up around guns and and almost everyone in the family had one or appreciated them..
    Best advice I can give you is to try to avoid having the gun out around your mom.
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    Not an issue now that I have my own place. But was just wondering if anyone else had the same sort of issue. Thanks for the replies.
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    Wasnt a problem for me growing up. We lived on a farm, hunted and pretty much had some type of firearm with us everywhere we went. My wife was farm raised also, and grew up with firearms and still likes to shoot.
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    No hand guns in the house, we go out in the "outdoors " to practice trigger and sights. My favorite plinking target is a 1 liter bottle center target on bottom and take out the top shooting through the bottle. Teaches depth of target like the heart lung area of small game etc.