Ferguson/Obama/Sharpton through Nugent

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    I don't always agree with what Ted Nugent says and does but.....

    Ted Nugent

    Here's the lessons from Ferguson America- Don't let your kids growup to be thugs who think they can steal, assault & attack cops as a way of life & badge of black (dis)honor. Don't preach your racist bullshit "no justice no peace" as blabbered by Obama's racist Czar Al Not So Sharpton & their black klansmen. When a cop tells you to get out of the middle of the street, obey him & don't attack him as brainwashed by the gangsta assholes you hang with & look up to. It's that simple unless you have no brains, no soul, no sense of decency whatsoever. And dont claim that "black lives matter" when you ignore the millions you abort & slaughter each & every day by other blacks. Those of us with a soul do indeed believe black lives matter, as all lives matter. So quit killin each other you fuckin idiots. Drive safely.
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    My man "Uncle Ted"...!!

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    Nugent for President in 2016!