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Fixed or folder

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What do you prefer?
I personally am a fixed blade guy. The three I prefer are all Bucks. The Night Hawk, 119 & the 120. The shortest of the 3, the 119, is a 6 1/2 inch blade. The longest is the 120 with a 7 1/2 inch blade. The Night hawk is also a 6 1/2 but I carry that one in a behind the back rig I had made.
I dont have any pics of the 119, but it looks just like the 120, just 1 inch shorter.

Nighthawk in my behind the back rig.

Nighthawk and the 120 side by side.

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I was going to say folder simply because I also CC... but I see you have configured a nice carry setup.
I have to say folder...which is more convenient in my urban environment.

I just clip to my inside left pants pocket and go about my business...
BTW...that is a nice setup 911JB.

I have a mag pouch that sits the same way as that sheath...
I prefer folders for carry, but love fixed for collecting. JMO
I usually have folders on me unless I am out in the brush trimming mesauite and fencelines. Also while hunting.

Two folders on me all the time. Got a Gerber Applegate, Mini Tacticool clipped in the watch pocket of my jeans and a similar Shrade clipped in the left pocket. Both lock open and have 3.5" blades. And a couple of small "gunshow" lockers in my pocket to use as "loaners." Hate to hand out one of my good ones and not get it back. I can get plenty of the gunshow knives for cheap by the dozen. Usually let the borrowers keep them anyway if we are in the field.;)
Folder unless you're in combat or hunting.
Roger that...a folder is a tool

Fixed blades are for wet work...
Nice looking carry setup 911JB:D

My knife collection is small. I carry a fixed blade H&K Snoddy and a Lennox folding box cutter for work. When I am not working I have a Spyderco Tenacious folder.
Fixed, I don't have time to open a folder.
Nice looking carry setup 911JB:D

My knife collection is small. I carry a fixed blade H&K Snoddy and a Lennox folding box cutter for work. When I am not working I have a Spyderco Tenacious folder.

Thanks Gallows. That rig actually hides under my leather. Here are a couple pics.

Now ya see it.

Now ya dont. Hahaha

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Nice setup, JB (it's wierd typing that...everyone I know calls me JB, too :D).

I'm a folder junkie myself, but clearly you've managed to integrate a bigass knife into your EDC kit. Hats off for that, very clean setup.

Going back to folders, my two favorites are a Kershaw Cyclone and a Spyderco ParaMilitary. I also have a Spyderco Tenacious and a el-cheapo Byrd (Spyderco sub-brand) folder that I got for $20 at the Outlet store in Golden. It's nice living somewhat close by their store, good deals to be had if you look!
Well I always have 2 folders and a boot knife on me. With everything else each has their place depending on what you're using them for. Though in a self defense mode I'll take a fixed blade anyday. Like I said they're all tools and you need to use the right tool for the right job IMHO.

Oh and by the way nice set-up you have there 1911JB. Heheh, this is the only forum where I've found two other people besides myself that get called JB in the same post.

For SD I use a gun. For work I use a folder because they are so much easier to carry. If I was hunting something big enough to require a large knife to skin I'd want a fixed blade but I don't hunt such things often. Folders are just a lot more practical IMO.
I EDC a Cold Steel XL Voyager clippoint, a Spyderco Endura for my offhand, and a Victorinox Tinker for use around civilians. The Voyager has a 6" blade, but unlike a fixed blade, I am not drawing attention or having to dress around it.

My EDC not too long ago. (Endura not shown)
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I have a good number of fixed blades, but usually carry folders.

A few of mine. Some I got, some gifts, some inherited, Some gunshows swaps, etc.

My 2 carry knives. Gerber skeletonized clipped in the left jeans pocket and a Gerber Applegate mini tac in the watch poket.

A couple of Shrade lockbacks on top. Gunshow buys from dealers, 2 for the price of one, 20 bucks for the pair with sheaths. A Shrade single folder. And my dad's well worn Case he always took hunting with him.

Two switchblades and a gravity/spring loaded knife. Top one I found as a kid digging in the back seat of my dad's patrol car. Always found good stuff back there. That thing was fugly, but worked. Second was a gift from my broher. Third a gift from my son. All are just for looking at, not carrying.

These are assorted folders I keep in my sock drawer. Top is a solid blade Shrade skinner. Fell out of a truck that drove off after getting gas. So I picked it up. Second is a gunshow cheapie stilletto lockback for a back pocket. A well worn Buck. Well worn Shrade. All the little stainless oness I get for my wife. They lock on the small hook at the base of the blade. They have to be tapped to release the blade and forced closed. Tapped again to lock the blade closed. She likes them and I pick one up every time I find one on a show table.

Assorted low dollar Balisong blades. Gunshow swaps. Not much good for anything, but fun to play with.:D

A couple mre folders from the F in law, Tep is a Shrade he carried for cutting steaks. Bottom is a well worn Buck Lite, Hatchet is an Estwing.He can't use them in the nursing home.

Some of my F in law's everyday carry folders. Think they are all Case. Can't see well enough to read the logo anymor. I have them now.

A few gunshow aquisitions. Knife peddler at the show came by my table with assorted table display folders to get some "going home" money on Sunday. All were LNIB. Only use the bottom 2 cliped in slacks if I actually get dressed up to go out. The top one is actually a great skinner. Skinned 2 bucks with it when I forgot a fixed one I carry hunting. Carry it alot in a sheath when in the field mending fences. All are Shrade lockblades. Can't remember the name of the top one. Middle one is a Shrade Tac. Third is a Shrade Nitro.

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In folders, I've carried the Mercator K55K "Black Cat", since I was a kid. G.I.'s returning home from Germany brought them back, and they were very popular in the 50's & 60's. A very slim, but still robust knife, that will take a fine edge & hold it well. I have newer ones that are favorites too, currently I like to also carry the CRKT Carson M21-04G. It's fairly large, but I've taken a liking to it despite it's size.

In fixed blades, I just like the old Marine Corps K-Bar's, and the PAL RH 36's They are workhorses that always make it on the load out for camping & hunting. Kind of Old School about knives I suppose.

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On my belt I carry 3 Multitools (Gerber MP600, off brand, Pocket Gunsmith,) and a cheap folder in my pocket. Outdoors all that + SOG Fusion, and navy Kabar.( pocket shapener and small stone ).
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