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Anyone who has seen Zombie Land will understand my title.

So I have inharited a XD9. Not 100% sure of anything at the moment about the gun. What I do know for facts is this:
1. The gun was used for competition
2. There has been more then 80,000 rounds fired through it. As was told to me by the shooter who is family.
3. There was an upgraded trigger bar but it is now two pieces. The stock bar also had the same fate.
4. There are other untold upgrades. Of which I'm not sure what is what. Neither is the shooter. Most parts were not upgraded by the shooter but rather an armorer.
5. It has been handled with lots of care. Very little visual signs of use.

I have been handling guns sense I was 4 years old. With that I have taken many courses in firearms. Some of those private sector, some in the military, and a few in law enforcement. My proficiency with firearms verys wildly. I can field strip most common firearms. I tinker with armorer tasks. Such is the case with the XD9 atm. I have fire weapons that most civilians have only seen in movies.

My plans for the future as far as firearms go is investment/collector/preper.

That being said the above should well round out my intro and what my intent here on this forum is all about. I thank you all for taking the time support these types of communities. Without one another humanity could not be effective.

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Welcome from S.C.
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