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For someone wheelchair bound, what do you guys think about this one for CC?

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I spend more time than I want using a wheelchair. For times I am away from it using a walker I CC with a shoulder holster, gun under left arm.

For times one is actually IN the wheelchair, what do you guys out there think about this?


Thanks for any honest information / feedback you have to offer.
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Looks like a good option for the wheelchair bound Pat .

Why don't you get in touch with our boss here, PM ( Austin) and become a vendor.
Because I ain't selling anything, I am thinking about buying one of these.

Patrick, not Pat, please.
Not a problem Patrick, looked like you were advertising.
Your last statement was Scottworks llc .com, find us on the web.
The video IS an advertisement, done by the vendor.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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