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From Furgeson Mo.

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I was going to keep out out this one but.
All we need now is Sharpton and Jackson involved to have a real circus.
I would like to hear the real facts.

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Brown was a vicious thug who strong armed a store owner over a box of blunts for his pot habit...then thought he could walk down the middle of a street in broad daylight flaunting his prowess, knowing full well the owner had called the robbery in. He then confronts and struggles with Officer Wilson for his firearm, striking the officer multiple times and gets shot in said struggle for the weapon. Then wounded, he runs away a few yards only to turn around and charge the officer who by that time was in fear for his life...and got shot and killed for his trouble.

Officer~1 / Thug~0

Then the assinine protesters set their own town and businesses ablaze...while the POTUS incites the protestors with his "words of wisdom"...

I care not what happens in Furgeson anymore...justice was served !!!
Brown's step father has a long criminal record...to include possesion and intent to distribute drugs...and did prison time.

Wonder where the kid got it from...?!

Hope they charge his dumb azz...
^^ Already have one...it's my SHTF Bag !! ^^
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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